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Comment on Omkring 1.2.1804

I.e. Thorvaldsen’s portrait bust of Ivan Vorontsov, son of the Russian Countess Irina Vorontsova, who also commissioned five statues from Thorvaldsen during the vinter of 1803-04, see more about this in the related article Vorontsova’ Commission.
The bust of Ivan Vorontsov has not been positively identified, but Else Kai Sass has suggested that the plaster bust, A302, might represent the then 13-14-year-old boy. See Else Kai Sass: Thorvaldsens Portrætbuster, vol. I, Copenhagen 1963, p. 90-96.
The passage provides a reliable dating of the bust whether it is A302 or some other portrait bust.

Last updated 10.02.2015