The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 8.8.1806

It is not known what busts Thorvaldsen is referring to. However,
Else Kai Sass, op. cit., p.128 & 132 thinks that it is the two portraits of the poets and friends Elisa von der Recke and Christoph August Tiedge. Both were portrayed by Thorvaldsen during their stay in Rome 1805-06.
Their busts exist in two versions – one in the so-called colossal size and one in normal size.
Today the portrait in normal size of von der Recke is known in the original plaster, A879, and the marble version of it, A869, while the colossal bust is only known in marble A852. The portrait of Tiedge is only known in colossal size– the original plaster, A851, and the marble version of it, A240, while the location of the portrait bust in normal size is unknown.

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