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Comment on 3.12.1799

This is probably the fee that Georg Zoëga received for his regular reports to the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen on the Arts in Rome, see e.g. the letter of transfer dated 5.3.1800 from Lawaetz to Zoëga.
In December 1799, Zoëga was short of money because of postal delays. In a letter dated 25.1.1800 to Friederike Brun, it appears that he had not yet received money from the Academy; according to this letter he was going to make up a list for the Academy of all the artists living in Rome. It was his friend, Friedrich Münter, who helped Zoëga financially, see Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker: Zoega’s Leben, (Stuttgart & Tübingen 1819), reprinted Halle 1912-13, vol. II, p. 123-130.
Zoëga had sent reports back to Denmark since 1790. The reports 1790-1798 were printed in the periodical Minerva, 1798-99. In a letter dated 10.10.1799 from Zoëga to Friedrich Münter, it appears that there had been a break in the reports, but later they were resumed for a short time. These last reports after 1798 are not known, see K. Friis Johansen: ‘Georg Zoega i Rom’, in: Louis Bobé (ed.): Rom og Danmark gennem Tiderne, Copenhagen 1935, vol. I, p. 240-241.

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