The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 30.11.1804

It is very doubtful whether this letter was sent, much less written. Schubart’s letter of 2.11.1804 must have reached Thorvaldsen c.5-8.11.1804 as letters usually took between two and six days to go from Leghorn to Rome, see Mail Processing Time.
If Thorvaldsen had written a letter, it would have dated from the period after 8.11.1804 and before Schubart’s latest letter of 26.11.1804.
At any rate there is no known draft or letter from 8.11.1804 and on.
See more about when Thorvaldsen got a letter sent off in the general comment on the draft of 7.12.1804.

Last updated 13.07.2015