The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1839


Transfer to Helsingborg. Lunch in Ramlösa with Scanian dignitaries. From here via Höganäs to Kullen with the Stampe family. The party spends the night here.

Primary sources

  • Newspaper report dated 13.7.1839 in Kjøbenhavnsposten (documents the date with certainty).
  • Newspaper report dated 20.7.1839 in Dagligt Allehanda (documents the date).
  • Rigmor Stampe (ed.): Baronesse Stampes Erindringer om Thorvaldsen, Copenhagen 1912, p. 29.
  • Thiele IV, p. 69 (dates indirectly the journey to the 10.7.1839).

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