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Back to 1833

Presumably spring 1833

The Ponte Molle Society arranges a triumphal procession in Thorvaldsen’s honour and probably presents him with the bajocco order, N90.

Primary sources

  • The triumphal procession is reproduced in caricature by Ludwig von Schwanthaler on the scroll contained in the box on the back of the papier mâché man, N96.
  • Diary entry dated 18.11.1833 by H.C. Andersen (Andersen sees Thorvaldsen with the bajocco order).
  • Ursula Peters (ed. inter al.): Künstlerleben in Rom, Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844). Der dänische Bildhauer und seine deutschen Freunde, Nürnberg 1991, p. 488-489 (infers that the order must have been presented on this occasion even though N90 is erroneously linked to a silk ribbon that belongs to another of Thorvaldsen’s bajocco orders, N91).

Other references

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