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Residence in Store Brøndstræde or Lille Brøndstræde, Copenhagen.

Primary sources

  • Thiele I, p. 32 (“In the last year referred to [1791] the family had lived somewhere in Vognmagergade”. Store Brøndstræde and Lille Brøndstræde were the largest red-light district in Copenhagen. Perhaps that was why Thiele chose to evade the truth and write “somewhere in Vognmagergade”, i.e. in the nicer adjacent street).
  • Carl Frederik Wilckens: Træk af Thorvaldsens Konstner- og Omgangsliv, Copenhagen 1874, p. 57 (“Now that we are close to Brøndstræde, where your parents have also lived, don’t you want to go there?” I asked Thorvaldsen when we had come out into the street. “Certainly!” he answered. We had hardly entered Brøndstræde when he recognized the place, but when he wanted to approach it, I had to hold him back because I saw some females of the worst kind in the doorway and on the ground floor.”)

Other references

  • The streets do not exist today. They were situated in the block between Vognmagergade, Landemærket, Gothersgade and Lønporten.

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