The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 11.8.1804

So far, no additional reference to this parcel has been found in the Archives, and it is not known whether the gifts reached their destination.
Such a request was not unusual at the time, thus Anna Maria Uhden requested some red goatskin and a pair of English scissors during Thorvaldsen’s travels in 1804 and 1805, see letters dated “3.7.1804”:/dokumenter/m11804,nr.14, 7.9.1805 and 30.8.1805, while Maria Zoëga asked Thorvaldsen to bring home two tortoiseshell combs from Naples, cf. letter dated 20.4.1804. The following year, Lund requested a pound of the very best tea from Leghorn because Roman tea, according to him, was only “second-rate”, cf. letter dated 31.8.1805. Requests of this kind were often made when people wanted a particular local commodity, a better quality, or a better price.

Last updated 04.12.2017