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Back to 1826


Christmas Eve is celebrated by Danes in Rome in Thorvaldsen’s and Hauch’s rooms in Casa Buti. At least 19 people are present, among them Bissen, Freund, Thorlacius, Abrahams, Schmidt, Bødtcher, Koop. Antique gems from Thorvaldsen’s collection are raffled off as presents. A comedy by Abrahams is performed. Songs by Hauch and Bødtcher are sung.

Primary sources

  • Letter dated 5.1.1827 from Børge Thorlacius to Johan Gunder Adler.
  • N.C.L. Abrahams: Meddelelser af mit Liv, Copenhagen 1876, p. 324-325 (describes the party in detail, at least 19 people present).

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