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14.2.1797 Visits Christian Heigelin and sees his collection of art.
Presumably 15.2. - 5.3.1797 Climbs Mount Vesuvius in the company of the chemist Christoph Heinrich Pfaff.
Not later than December 1805 Draws Cupid with a Butterfly for Herman Schubart’s birthday, probably Dep.7.
14.1.1806 Attends the celebration of Herman Schubart’s birthday in Rome, but without Schubart’s presence.
14.2.1806 Requested to execute a design for a monument to the victory of the United States over Tripoli in 1805. The work is never commissioned.
14.2.1819 Evening party at Catharina Maria Bügel’s Roman residence with, among others, Frederik Schmidt and Jørgen Knudtzon.
14.2.1830 Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieri’s monument is unveiled in Campo Santo, Pisa, without Thorvaldsen’s attendance.
14.2.1830 Arrives in Munich. Lodges in the apartment of Christian Daniel Rauch at Odeonsplatz nr. 1068.
14.2.1830 Visits the bedridden Ludwig 1. immediately after his arrival in Munich.