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Summer 1803 Spends the summer in Albano, probably in the company of Anna Maria Uhden.
Presumably 12.6.1818 - 14.7.1819 Woman Ascending to Heaven, above the Genius of Death, A625, probably a variation of Monument to Stanislaus Chaudoir’s wife, A624.
12.6.1818 Stanislaus de Chaudoir commissions a monument to his late wife Aloisia de Chaudoir fromThorvaldsen, cf. Monument to Stanislaus Chaudoir’s wife, A624.
Not earlier than 12.6.1818 - not later than 14.7.1819 Monument to Stanislaus Chaudoir’s Wife, A624.
Beginning of June 1819 Thorvaldsen models the bust of Clemens Metternich, cf. A234.
10.6.1819 Awarded the Austrian Order of the Iron Crown (third class) by Frans 1.
Not later than 17.4.1824 Ghazi-ud-Din Haider, A280, is modelled.
Not earlier than July 1824 Ghazi-ud-Din Haider, is completed in two marble copies, A887.
12.6.1841 Dinner at the house of the banker Martin Wilhelm Oppenheim (1781-1863) in the Villa Rosa, desined by the architect Gottfried Semper (1803-1879). Among those present is the banker’s son-in-law, August Grahl.
12.6.1841 In the evening, a gala performance in the Court Theatre in Dresden, hosted by Friedrich August 2. of Saxony, with an epilogue in Thorvaldsens’s honour. Subsequent banquet at the theatre.