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1799 Pollux, Dep.24.
25.11.1799 The Academy of Fine Arts extends Thorvaldsen’s travel grant for another two years.
12.10.1814 Elected honorary member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
10.10.1819 Celebration at Moltke’s picture gallery (det Moltkeske maleri-galleri) in Bredgade, Copenhagen, with a speech by Niels Henrik Weinwich. Several artists and government officials participate.
12.10.1821 Thorvaldsen complains about having severe arthritis.
12.10.1824 Thorvaldsen asks the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel to draw the architectural plan for the monument to Pope Pius 7. to be erected in St. Peter’s.
24.6.1838 Får besøg af August Gottlieb Eberhard.
12.10.1839 Maximilian 1., cf. A128, is unveiled in the Wittelsbacherplatz in Munich.
19.9.1841 Celebration of Thorvaldsen’ return to Rome in Teatro Fiano, attended by international artists there. Thorvaldsen is carried in a torchlight procession to his home in Via Sistina.
Presumably 11.10.1842 Arrival Strasbourg by stagecoach.
12.10.1842 Travels by river steamer from Strasbourg to Mannheim on the Rhine.
12.10.1842 Supper and room at the Hotel de L’Europe, Mannheim.