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10.10.1796 Thorvaldsen, Peder Pavels, H.A. Schmidt o.a. går igen i land i Malaga og besøger kirker, kaffehus m.m.
10.10.1815 Encouraged by Edmund Bourke to participate in an open competition for the execution of a monument to fallen generals, but refuses.
10.10.1815 Goes on a short trip to Tivoli in the company of C.W. Eckersberg.
10.10.1818 B.S. Ingemann, Frederik Schmidt and H.F.J. Estrup visit Thorvaldsen in his workshop in Rome.
10.10.1819 Celebration at Moltke’s picture gallery (det Moltkeske maleri-galleri) in Bredgade, Copenhagen, with a speech by Niels Henrik Weinwich. Several artists and government officials participate.
Not earlier than 25.9.1824 - not later than 10.10.1824 H.W. Bissen arrives in Rome and visits Thorvaldsen.
10.10.1838 The completion of the bronze casting of Friedrich Schiller, cf. A770, is celebrated in Munich with a big party for bronze casters and artists in the city. Thorvaldsen is not present.
Completed 10.10.1840 Henrik Stampe and two sons, Nysø39.
Not earlier than 10.10.1841 Thorvaldsen and Christine Stampe show Emilie Bissen, née Møller, (married to H.W. Bissen) round Rome.
Presumably 11.10.1842 Arrival Strasbourg by stagecoach.