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Kommentar til Grundtvig and Copenhagen During Denmark's Golden Age

[Author’s note in the text] In an MS. from 1843 on Nordic mythology Grundtvig described the rewards to be obtained from a visit to Mimir’s Fountain of Wisdom: ”... when one looks down into the well, all the oyester parties and steam-engines and Tivolis have vanished, and one sees nouight but great men and events from the day of yore” (Fasc. 283.6 7r). On the Tivoli speeches reported or printed in the press or in papmphlets, see Steen Johansen, Bibliografi over N.F.S. Grundvigs Skrifter, III, 1952, pp. 178, 220, 241; IV, 1954, p. 96. The party in 1856 is reported in _Grundtvigs Erindringer og Erindringer om Grundtvig, edited by Steen Johansen and Henning Høirup, 1948, pp. 223-26.

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