Arkivet, Thorvaldsens Museum

Kommentar til Thorvaldsen and His Ganymede and the Eagle

Parian (?) marble on a separate slab of greyer marble provided by the artist, 2’ 10 3/4” high, 18 1/2” wide, 3’ 10 3/8” long. Sold from Stafford House at the sale of July 14, 15, and 25, 1913, lot 133, and at Sotheby, October 13, 1961, lot 35 (the property of Anthony Whitaker, Esq.). The marble was sawn in two pieces, at the base between boy and eagle, by the sculptor to permit easier work. The right corner of the base of the group is cracked away and refixed, as is the outer back talon of the eagle’s right foot.

Sidst opdateret 24.09.2015