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William A. Pettigrew [+]

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Dysart, Kirkcaldy

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Rødt laksegl med fint aftryk af buste i profil med inskription: ADAM SMITH
Poststempler: DYSART MY 20 1842 og KIRKCALDY 20 MAY 1842 og PAID[?] MAY 21 M 1842 og DIREZIONE DI ROMA 3 GIU. 42, samt yderligere fire utydeligere poststempler.

20.5.1842 [+]

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Dateringen fremgår af brevet.

Bertel Thorvaldsen [+]

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Udskrift: Albertus Thorwaldsen / Sculptor / Rome


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Dysart, North Britain
20th. May 1842.

I take the liberty of writing you to ask a favor. I have seen in the possession of a gentleman, in Edinburgh, a small Bronze Medal by Goetze, having a likeness of you on the one side, and a fanciful device on the other. I am very anxious to possess a copy of this Medal, but I do not know how or where it may be procured. I will therefore take it very kind if you will have the goodness to send me one, or let me know how it may be obtained. I shall willingly pay the expense, whatever it may amount to.

I am, Sir,

Yours mo: respectfully
W. A. Pettigrew

Address to me as under

The Rev. W. A. Pettigrew
North Britain

Archival Reference
m24 1842, nr. 17
Gottlieb Götze
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