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? Foster [+]

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Antagelig efter 1814 [+]

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Dateringen fremgår ikke af brevet. Dateringsbegrundelsen er under udarbejdelse.

Jane Cruise [+]

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Udskrift: Mrs Foster / 42 Piazza di Spagna


Kommentarerne til dette brev er under udarbejdelse.

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I cannot tell you My dear Mrs Foster how sorry I was to wish you good by this evening but I hope it will not be for long and that if not before at least I shall have the pleasure of seeing you in England and whenever you and Mr Foster come to Ireland we will all be most truly happy to see you, our addresses are Mrs Fitzgerald. Jane Talley[?]



and mine, Miss Cruise[?] [xxx]ood [xxxxxx] Pray write to us dear Mrs Foster and accept our every kind wish for you and Mr F. and believe me most truly yours Jane Cruise[?]
Pray excuse a bad [hand] great haste

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gmVI, nr. 57
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