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Benfield [+]

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Rødt laksegl uden aftryk.

27.11.1826 [+]

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Dag og måned fremgår af brevet, mens årstallet 1826 kan fastslås ud fra henvisningen til brevet fra Ellis Cornelia Knights brev af 17.5.1826.

Bertel Thorvaldsen [+]

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Udskrift: A Monsieur / Monsieur Thorwaldson


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Mrs. Benfield’s Compts to Mr. Thorwaldson & incloses a note she received from Miss Knight the day before she left Paris. if Mr. Thorwaldson has not already written to Miss Knight, he is requested to send an answer soon as Miss K. was very anxious

Nov. 27th.

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gmV, nr. 135
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