The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on Jason and the Hope Commission

Here cited following Walser-Wilhelm, op. cit., vol. IX/I, p. 411: “…Our countryman Thorwaldsen—a resolute genius for sculpting heroes—his Jason, of which he had completed a model of one-and-a-half times life-size, [and which] he had once destroyed, because it was too large for kiln-baking [and because] he had no money to have it cast—this he now rebuilt in 4 days—full of spirit, force, and motion—a beautiful head, hair [and] ears, standing firm on its feet (which Canova’s heroes never do, [and] the new ones only rarely)…” See also the Danish translation at Louis Bobé, op. cit., p. 184. For a more thorough treatment of the reception of Thorvaldsen’s works by his contemporaries, including the reception of Jason with the Golden Fleece, A52 (reworked original plaster) and A822 (the marble version), see the separate Related Article on the subject.

Last updated 21.12.2014