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Comment on History of the Archives

See Thiele’s quotations from a letter of 8.5.1819 from P. O. Brøndsted to Jens Møller concerning Frances Mackenzie: “She had bored him to death; as soon as I saw her for the first time, I clearly saw that she was nothing for him even though extremely respectable and cultured, even more learned than was necessary, but with nothing obvious (—) ; without any original thought or anything cheerful to communicate, and in addition she was extremely ugly.”, Thiele II, p. 432. And from Brøndsted’s diary for 5.5.1819: “[…] I suppose she could boast of culture and a great deal of knowledge, perhaps too much, but no character, no bloom, nothing cheerful to communicate; – she had bored him to death. Thank God she has gone.” Thiele II, p. 431.

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