The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on History of the Archives

Thiele’s transcripts of Thorvaldsen’s letters, Thorvaldsens Archiv, vols. I-III, three rough books: Uddrag af Thorvaldsens Archiv 1831-1838 (April), 1838-44, I Supplemen_t [Transcripts of Thorvaldsen’s diary for 1797 and H.S. Schmidt’s diary from his expedition on the Thetis] and a Solander box containing J. M. Thiele’s excerpts for Thorvaldsen’s biography. A systematic examination of what is noted there from the letters found, and what is written down from other sources has not yet been carried out in the case of the Solander box. However, it appears that _Thorvaldsens Archiv, vols. I-III and the three books of rough notes (with the exception of Schmidt’s diary) exclusively contain letters from the letters discovered, as letters from other archives here are clearly marked and without any numerical ordering. On the other hand, the Solander box contains both letters, the archival provenance of which is clearly marked, and letters that have not been furnished with any provenance, i.e. which is possibly part of the discovered letters, but these letters do not appear in the in the overall bound register, and their serial numbers do not correspond to the numbers in it, for which reason it must be assumed that they derive from elsewhere.

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