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Comment on The country bumpkin and the donkey-rider in the service of art and freedom

The reason for his expulsion has not yet been determined with certainty. It may have been because Carsten refused to work with oil paints, as was required, but insisted on using drawing paper; it may have been that he did not consider a silver medal a sufficient acknowledgment of his achievement; or it may have been that he did not believe that the student who received the gold medal had been selected fairly. For more on this, see Gertrud With, “Et trekløver – Asmus Jacob Carstens, Joseph Anton Koch og Bertel Thorvaldsen i Rom,” in Stig Miss and Gertrud With (eds), Asmus Jacob Carstens og Joseph Anton Kochs værker i Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen 2000, p. 13.

Last updated 01.08.2018