The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on History and Danish Golden Age Painting

[Author’s note in the text] Information kindly given by curator Niels Peter Stilling, Søllerød Museum It has been suggested that the picture might depict the Lord High Constable Stig and his men just before or after the assassination of the Danish king Erik Klipping in 1286 at Finderup in Jutland (cf. Holger Reenberg in Vilhelm Kyhn. Exhibition catalogue. Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen, 1993, 16.). But it is very unlikely that the painter should paint an event which took place in Jutland, in a Zealandic landscape. The painter’s own title was Landscape. Afternoon light. The Motif is taken from North Zealand; cf. Fortegnelse over de ved det Kongelige Akademie for de skjönne Kunster offentligen udstillede Kunstværker. Exhibition catalogue. Copenhagen, 1849, 122: “Landskab. Eftermiddagsbelysning. Motivet taget fra det nordlige Sjelland.”

Last updated 24.01.2017