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Comment on Thorvaldsen's Works at Hams Hall

A possible complement to this unique case is the terracotta version of the Alexander Frieze that graces the façade of the Casa Bienaimé on Via Guiseppe Verdi in Carrara, the home of Thorvaldsen’s longtime colleague Pietro Antonio Bienaimé. For the exact location, see the map utility Thorvaldsen’s works worldwide. It remains unknown, however, whether this relief was produced on the basis of one of Thorvaldsen’s models by the brothers Pietro Antonio and Luigi Bienaimé, as is indicated in the biographical entry for Luigi Bienaimé in Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani [Biographical Dictionary of Italians], vol. 10, 1968 (cf. Treccani), or whether it was cast from the marble version produced for Giovanni Battista Sommariva’s Villa Carlotta, cf. A505, as Sigurd Schultz assumed in his description of the relief (cf. THM 17I-8/1953 (Schultz’s travel notes), pp. 3-4).

Last updated 05.01.2016