The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 29.8.1827

Martens came to Rome at the end of 1825, but his works from the first years in Rome are not known, so it is uncertain which works Thorvaldsen is referring to here. Martens has probably brought the painting Inside the Frauenkirche in Munich from 1825 (Aros) with him from his journey to Rome, and c. 1826 he made studies in Thorvaldsen’s workshop in Piazza Barberini, which four years later were used for the watercolour Pope Leo XII Visits Thorvaldsen’s Studio near the Piazza Barberini on St. Luke’s Day 18. 10.1826 from 1830, Dep.18. When Thorvaldsen wrote the recommendation, Martins had just come back from a long journey through Naples to Sicily and Calabria; he describes the journey in a long letter dated 4.7.1827, in which he writes that he drew the antique temples on his way. It is quite likely that Thorvaldsen was shown these drawings when Martens returned to Rome.

Last updated 27.02.2017