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Comment on 4.5.1829

Thorvaldsen’s Cupid Triumphant, cf. A22. In 1826, the Academy of Fine Arts exhibited plaster casts of a number of Thorvaldsen’s works, among them Venus with the Apple, cf. A12, and Cupid Triumphant, cf. A22, see the related article om kunstakademiets bestilling af gipsafstøbninger efter Thorvaldsens kunstværker.

Precisely these two works, i.e. Venus with the Apple and Cupid Triumphant, seem to have been placed side by side after C.F. Hansen’s renovation of the so-called Antique Room in 1828, cf. a painting executed after 1828 by an unknown artist:

Unknown: Interior with young man studying Thorvaldsen’s sculpture Venus with the apple

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