The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1839


Leaves Copenhagen for Nysø in the evening, after having unpacked the plaster casts.

Primary sources

  • Letter dated 5.9.1839 from H.C. Andersen to Henriette Hanck in: Svend Larsen (ed.): H.C. Andersens Brevveksling med Henriette Hanck 1830-1846, Part 4, Copenhagen 1945, p. 370 (mentions the precise date indirectly: “Yesterday evening…”)
  • Rigmor Stampe (ed.): Baronesse Stampes Erindringer om Thorvaldsen, Copenhagen 1912, p. 42 (Stampe does not mention a precise date but writes that Thorvaldsen “soon returned” from his stay in Copenhagen).

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