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1800 - May 1804

Residence at 141 Via Sistina, 2nd floor, close to Piazza Barberini, Rome.

Primary sources

  • Letter dated around 1.11.1803 from Wilhelm von Humboldt to Thorvaldsen. The address is: “Al/ Signor Thorwaldsen, / Scultore Danese / Strada Felice, / il 3za portino / averti la piazza / Barberini”.
  • Friedrich Noack: Das Deutschtum in Rom seit dem Ausgang des Mittelalters, 2nd vol., Leipzig 1927, p. 594 (“1800 mit J.A. Koch Via Sistina 141”).
  • Thiele I: Thorvaldsens Ungdomshistorie. 1770-1804, Copenhagen1851, p. 164 (“Thorvaldsen seems to have attached himself most closely to Joseph Koch; they soon took a flat together in one of the last houses on the left side of Via Felice close to Piazza Barberina, where an old and very popular Padrona di casa, named Ursula, kept house for them.”) and p. 175.

Other references

  • The street was then called “Via Felice” or “Strada Felice”.

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