The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

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Celebration of Thorvaldsen’s 100th birthday in the riding school of Christiansborg Palace, with a procession past his grave in the courtyard of the museum.

Primary sources

  • Adgangskort til Mindefesten for Thorvaldsen i Christiansborg Slots Ridehuus den 19. November 1870 Kl. 12½ (Admission card to the commemoration) and other documents in
    Thorvaldsens Museums Småtryk-Samling (collection of short publications).
  • Kirsten Weber (ed.): H.C. Andersens dagbøger, 1868-1870, Copenhagen 1975, Vol. VIII, p. 432-435 (Andersen describes the day and his own involvement in the festivities).
  • Fædrelandet 19.11.1870.
  • Illustreret Tidende, 20.11.1870.
  • Illustreret Tidende, 27.11.1870.
  • R. Nielsen: Tale ved Festen til Thorvaldsens Minde, den 19de November 1870, Copenhagen 1870 (Speech given at the commemoration).

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