The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1816


J.L. Lund returns to Rome, visits Thorvaldsen, and moves in at Casa Buti.

Primary sources

  • J.L. Lund: Travel diary, Håndskriftafdelingen, NKS 2055, I-II, The Royal Library, Copenhagen, quoted in Hannemarie Ragn Jensen: ‘Sechs Landschaftsgemälde von J. L. Lund’, in: Hafnia. Copenhagen Papers in the History of Art, III, 1974, p. 35.
  • Friedrich Noack: Das Deutschtum in Rom, Berlin & Leipzig, 1827, Vol. 2, 1927, p. 372.

Other references

  • Thiele II, p. 300-301 (spring 1816).

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