The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1838


Honoured in the evening by about 70 members of De danske Romeres selskab (The Society of Danish Romans). The party takes place in the hall of Borups selskab, which for the occasion has been decorated as a Roman osteria. Two songs to Thorvaldsen by F.C. Hillerup and N.C.L. Abrahams are sung.

Primary sources

  • Song dated 2.10.1838 from Hillerup to Thorvaldsen.
  • Song book 2.10.1838 from The Society of Danish Romans to Thorvaldsen (reproducing both songs).
  • Kjøbenhavnsposten 4.10.1838, p. 1098-99 (full coverage).
  • Thiele IV, p. 25-26.
  • Frederik Barfod: Thorvaldsensk Album, Copenhagen 1844, p. 204-208 (a paraphrase of the coverage in Kjøbenhavnsposten).

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