The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Back to 1839

Beginning of June 1839

Almost completes the modelling of Ludvig Holberg, A876.

Primary sources

  • Newspaper notice dated 7.6.1839 i Berlingske Tidende (documents that the bust is almost finished).
  • Albert Repholtz: Thorvaldsen og Nysø, Copenhagen 1911, p. 27 (the clay model was cast in plaster on 16.8.1839).
  • Thiele IV, p. 70 (writes erroneously that the bust is begun after the return from the trip to Kullen and before Thorvaldsen’s departure for Nysø, see presumably 12.7.1839).

Other references

  • Else Kai Sass: Thorvaldsens Portrætbuster, Copenhagen 1963-65, Vol. II, p. 319-325, 379, 387.

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