The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

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128 Documents

Drawing from Works of Art

15 Documents

Drawings, Norse Mythology

1 Document + 1 Related Article

Disinfection of Letters

13 Documents

Drawings presented to the Schubarts

6 Documents + 1 Related Article

Drawings, Painterly Executed

7 Documents + 1 Related Article

Dissection of a Superstar

1 Document + 1 Related Article

Drawings, Allegories

15 Documents

Drawings, Sketches for Non-Realised Works

7 Documents

Drawing by Thorvaldsen Requested

12 Documents

Drawings, Christian Mythology

11 Documents

Drawings, Sketches for Realised Works

12 Documents

Drawing from Life

4 Documents

Drawings, Classical Mythology

9 Documents

Dying Lion (The Lucerne Lion)

50 Documents + 1 Related Article