The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Documents in which Henriette Herz is mentioned


Herman Schubart

Bertel Thorvaldsen

The commentary for this letter is not available at the moment.


Franziska Caspers

Charlotte Thierry

Thorvaldsen has guided Caspers through the Vatican museum by torchlight. She admires his inspirin...


Caroline von Humboldt

Wilhelm von Humboldt

It was a sad, rainy morning when Caroline von Humboldt left Rome on May 2, 1819. The Buti family ...


Peder Hjort

Just Mathias Thiele

Report on Thorvaldsen’s relationship with Frances Mackenzie based on reminiscences and letters. H...

1874 (1818-23)

Louise Seidler


The commentary to this document is not available at the moment.