The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 24.4.1804

From the final version of the letter of 24.4.1804 and from the communication of the foundation dated 6.3.1804”:/dokumenter/m11804,nr.6, it appears that the sum of 300 Danish rix-dollars had been converted into the monetary unit Hamburger Banco in order to secure Thorvaldsen against a loss on exchanges, cf. Ernst Schimmelmann’s recommendation to the King, reproduced in The Danish National Archives (ed.): Fonden ad usus publicos. Aktmæssige Bidrag til Belysning af dens virksomhed, vol. 2, 1801-26, Copenhagen 1902, p. 75: “[...] The board asks permission: to assign this sum to him at the bank (Bank-Comptoir) in Altona in Hamburger Banco in order to secure him against a loss on exchanges.” The recommendation was approved on 14.3.1804, ibid. For more details on the payment, see the previous note.

Last updated 13.05.2015