The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 12.10.1799

This cast of Pollux was transported in a crate which was broken when it arrived in Copenhagen, see letter of 31.1.1805 from Abildgaard and the related article about Transportation of Crates. Probably Pollux and also the above-mentioned head of the same figure were broken along with the crate.
In 1815 Thorvaldsen, in collaboration with the architect Peder Malling, sent a number of casts to the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen at the request of Prince Christian (8.) Frederiks, see Malling’s list of the shipment.
The Pollux which was sent to the Academy on this occasion is probably identical with the Pollux which in 1933 was deposited in Thorvaldsens Museum from the Academy, Dep.24. This old tradition in the Academy of Fine Arts is attributed to Thorvaldsen.
However, there is another version of Pollux, A54, in Thorvaldsens Museum, about 1/3 size, but this is probably a later version which came to Copenhagen in the 1830s with Thorvaldsen’s works.

Last updated 30.04.2015