The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on Januar 1797

Unlike the following two fragments, this first fragment is Thorvaldsen’s copy of Peder Pavels’ diary for 18.12.1796, cf. Pavels, op. cit., (p. 42 in the published version). The copy is identical to Pavels’ text with a few minor differences.
Thiele published the passage (Thiele I, p. 72) in the belief that it was an excerpt from Thorvaldsen’s own diary.
The mistake was discovered by Sven Sørensen, cf. Sørensen & Schirò, op. cit., p. 28 and p. 69 (note 27).

Thorvaldsen must have asked Pavels’ permission to make the copy so that he could practise writing his own diary, which he was about to begin.

Thorvaldsen and Pavels were both on board the Danish frigate Thetis.

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