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Comment on Medio april 1804

This commission for the two statues, however, came to nothing. Grev Moltke asked Thorvaldsen to suspend the work in letter of 8.6.1807 – probably for financial reasons. Work on the commission was never resumed.
It appears from the letter of 8.6.1807 that the commission was for two “kleinen Statuen”. The Bacchus was probably going to be a copy of the Bacchus which Thorvaldsen modelled in 1804, A2, as part of Countess Vorontsova’s Commission.
Thiele I, p. 201 mentions erroneously that Count Moltke commissioned a statue of Apollo.
It is not known whether Thorvaldsen modelled a statue of Aridane, but he had modelled a group, Bacchus and Ariadne, A1, as early as 1798.

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