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January - June 1798 Bacchus and Ariadne, A1.
Summer 1798 Sends crate from Rome to the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen containing, among other artworks, the following for the judgment of the academy: Bacchus and Ariadne, A1 and Tyge Rothe, A225.
Not later than June 1798 Bacchus, colossal bust, probably a copy after an antique original, presumably modelled and cast in plaster, hardly carved in marble. Unknown location.
Presumably 15.6.1818 - 30.6.1818 Caroline von Humboldt poses twice for Thorvaldsen, who, to her disappointment, only spends two hours each time modelling a new portrait bust of her.
30.6.1830 Member of the Société des Amis des Lettres in Warsaw.
18.4.1834 Elected honorary member of the Accademia dei Filomati di Scienze, Lettere e Belle Arti in Lucca.
30.6.1839 Meets with Georg Ernst Harzen. Visits August Abendroth’s richly decorated mansion. At a large party in the evening.
30.6.1841 Visits the flower decorated Gutenberg Monument, cf. A114, accompanied by the president of Rheinhessen Ludwig Christian Christoph von Lichtenberg. A large crowd cheers and sings to Thorvaldsen.
Visits the cathedral in Mainz.
30.6.1841 Dinner in Mainz with President von Lichtenberg.