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2.12.1796 The frigate Thetis returns to Malta, in quarantine against the plague until the 18th of December.
Not later than June 1798 Bacchus, colossal bust, probably a copy after an antique original, presumably modelled and cast in plaster, hardly carved in marble. Unknown location.
25.11.1799 The Academy of Fine Arts extends Thorvaldsen’s travel grant for another two years.
1.7.1802 Thorvaldsen’s travel grant from the Academy of Fine Arts officially expires.
September 1813 Models portrait bust of Pietro Benvenuti in Florence, location unknown. Marble version carved during 1814.
3.12.1818 Visit from Frederik Schmidt. Later that evening at the Caffè Greco, then a musical gathering, and finally at the Caffè Nuovo.
14.7.1819 - 16.12.1820 Freund and Tenerani take care of Thorvaldsen’s studios in his absence.
October 1819 - 1821 Clemens Metternich, A234.
Begun 19.10.1819 - completed 9.6.1821 Monument to Stanislaus Chaudoir’s wife, cf. A624, is carved in marble.
3.12.1820 Arrives in Venice, and lodges at the Hôtel d’Angleterre.
3.12.1820 Visits the Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Basilica. In the evening at the theater.
Completed not later than 13.2.1822 Christian Carl Friedrich August, A203.
3.12.1839 Frederik 6. dies.
Not earlier than 3.12.1839 - beginning of January 1840 Frederik 6., A141.
3.12.1842 Receives the visit of the painter C.W. Eckersberg. Suffers from a bad leg.
Completed 3.12.1843 The Genius of Architecture, A521.