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Beginning of June 1819 Thorvaldsen models the bust of Clemens Metternich, cf. A234.
10.6.1819 Awarded the Austrian Order of the Iron Crown (third class) by Frans 1.
Not later than middle of June 1819 Attends the floral fête “Infiorata” in Genzano with P.O. Brøndsted, Conrad Rantzau, and N.C. Lunzi.
21.6.1837 Comitteen for Oprettelsen af Thorvaldsens Museum afholder generalforsamling i Studenterforeningen i København. En ny bestyrelse på 15 mand vælges.
19.6.1842 Visit from the painter Ferdinand Flor and the cameo engraver Tommaso Saulini.
19.6.1842 The Stampe family leave Leghorn bound for Milan on their journey back to Denmark.
19.6.1845 Friedrich Wilhelm 4. commissions a marble copy of one of Thorvaldsen’s works, A602, A29, or A32, from H.W. Bissen. It is not known whether the work was carried out.
19.6.1845 Friedrich Wilhelm 4. is taken by Christian 8. to see, among other things, several of Thorvaldsen’s works in a special exhibition at Charlottenborg.