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16.9.1796 Thetis passes Prawle Point.
August - September 1805 The Baptism of Christ, A736, executed for Baptismal Font, A555,1.
August - September 1805 Preliminary work for, or a first version of Minerva and Prometheus, cf. A319.
Middle of September 1805 Stays in Florence for two days in the company of Christian Stub.
Not earlier than June 1807 The Virgin with Jesus and John, A556, reworked version of relief on Baptismal Font, A555,2.
Not earlier than June 1807 - not later than 1808 Baptismal Font, A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4.
16.9.1809 Appointed member of a commission for an official art exhibition in Rome, arranged by the French government.
10.6.1819 Awarded the Austrian Order of the Iron Crown (third class) by Frans 1.
15.9.1820 Arrives at Breslau (today Wrocław) and visits the Steffens family.
16.9.1820 Leaves Breslau / Wrocław.
10.9.1838 Appointed “konferensråd” (honorary title, now obsolete) on board of the frigate Rota. Thorvaldsen receives the message 16.9.1838.
16.9.1838 The Rota anchors north west of Elsinore waiting for favourable currents and winds. Thorvaldsen attends a Danish-Swedish celebration in his honour on board the steamship Dronning Marie. Two songs for the sculptor are sung.