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14.1.1817 The relief frieze The Life of Christ is commissioned in plaster by Crown Prince Ludwig 1. of Bavaria. The relief frieze, which was later commissioned in marble, is unknown today. The drawings C190, C191r, C191v, C193 and C194 may be drafts of the frieze.
Not later than 13.6.1818 Mercury about to Kill Argus, A5.
Not earlier than 13.6. - not later than 17.6.1820 J.C. Dahl begins his journey from Dresden to Italy.
6.9.1820 Arrives at Dresden late in the evening.
13.6.1839 At Sorø Academy. The students sing a song to Thorvaldsen by B.S. Ingemann.
10.6. - 13.6.1841 Christine Stampe presents the sculptor Ernst Rietschel with a lock of Thorvaldsen’s hair.
10.6. - 13.6.1841 Visits several art collections in Dresden in the company of J.C. Dahl.
12.6.1841 In the evening, a gala performance in the Court Theatre in Dresden, hosted by Friedrich August 2. of Saxony, with an epilogue in Thorvaldsens’s honour. Subsequent banquet at the theatre.
6.6.1842 The Stampe family leave Rome in their coach, bound for Denmark.
10.6.1842 The Stampe family arrive at Leghorn on their journey from Rome to Copenhagen. They stay with Christine Stampe’s brother, Christian Dalgas.