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13.10.1815 Returns to Rome.
13.10.1819 Borups Selskab (The Dramatic and Literary Society, Borup’s Society) celebrates Thorvaldsen’s return to Denmark. Three songs dedicated to Thorvaldsen are sung.
13.10.1822 Antonio Canova dies in Posagno.
13.10.1838 Celebration in Thorvaldsen’s honour in Studenterforeningen (The Students’ Association) with several songs by Ole Bang, Adam Oehlenschläger, H.C. Andersen, F.J. Hansen, and H.P. Holst.
9.10.1841 H.W. Bissen and his family arrive in Rom.
12.10.1842 Supper and room at the Hotel de L’Europe, Mannheim.
13.10.1842 Departure very early in the morning from Mannheim to Mainz by steamship. From there on to Frankfurt am Main, probably also by boat.
13.10.1842 Takes rooms at the Gasthaus zum römischen Kayser, Frankfurt am Main. Meets several acquaintances, among them Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz, who gives a large party to Thorvaldsen in his home from 6 to 8.30 pm.
13.10.1842 Travels by stagecoach from Frankfurt am Main to Kassel at 9 p.m.
14.10.1842 Arrives at Kassel by stagecoach and takes rooms at the hotel zum König von Preussen.