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January - June 1798 Bacchus and Ariadne, A1.
11.2.1798 Receives a passport issued by the Swedish legation in order to be prepared to flee if necessary.
11.2.1819 Moonlight excursion to the Colosseum and the church S. Gregorio, probably S. Gregorio Magno al Celio with, among others, P.O. Brøndsted, N.C. Lunzi, Hermann Ernst Freund, C.A. Jensen, Frederik Schmidt and Catharina Maria Bügel. The party continues at the home of the latter.
Presumably 11.2.1830 Passes Innsbruck.
11.2.1834 Frederik 6. approves Thorvaldsen’s donation of his own works and collections to Denmark.
Completed 10.2.1841 Christ and the Woman of Samaria, A568.