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Hans West

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Dateringen fremgår af brevet.


Thorvaldsen writes a receipt for payment of a self-portrait bust commissioned by Hans West, Bertel Thorvaldsen, 1810, cf. A223. He promises to finish the bust within 6 months.


S: T Hr. Etatsraad West Rider af Dannebrogen har betalt mig den fulde SummaI for det forlangte Byste i Cararisk MarmorII forestillende mit eget Portrait noget over naturlig Størelse i form af HermeIII; for omnævnte fulde Betaling jeg her ved tilbørlig qviterer og forpligter mig at fuldende samme Byste inden 6 MaanederIV Forløb. Rom d. 18d Juli 1810.

AlbertelV Thorwaldsen

Oversættelse af dokument

S.T. Etatsråd West knight of the Dannebrog has paid me the full sum of the commissioned bust in Carrara marble representing my own portrait in somewhat more than life-size in the shape of a herma; With this I duly sign for the mentioned full payment and promise to finish the same bust within 6 months.
Rome, July 18th 1810

Albertel Thorwaldsen

[Translated by Karen Husum]

General Comment

This receipt is written from a draft dated 3.7.1810.

Document Type

Færdigt egenhændigt dokument

Archival Reference

Rigsarkivet, J.G. Adlers privatarkiv, Breve fra Andre


Jf. Thiele II, p 154.

Other references

*Else Kai Sass: Thorvaldsens Portrætbuster, København 1963-65, vol. I, p. 183.



A223 Bertel Thorvaldsen, 1810, inv.nr. A223


  1. The price paid is not known.

  2. I.e. marble from the quarries at Carrara.

  3. I.e. the bust has a flat and square lower section.

  4. In some cases, Thorvaldsen took a very long time finishing his works. Therefore buyers sought to cover themselves in this way.

  5. Thorvaldsen used both Bertel and Alberto as his first name, see the related article about this. In this case, the creative combination of the two names is probably a result of the sculptor’s dyslexia, see Thorvaldsen’s Spoken and Written Language.

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