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John Russell [+]

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Woburn Abbey

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Brevet har været lukket med et rødt laksegl, motivet er utydeligt.
Poststemplet “ANGLETERRE”, “CH[xx]BERY”, “15MAGGIO”, “FO24” (hvor O desuden indgår i tallet 106, som står lodret), samt yderligere to runde poststempler; ulæselige, da de er stemplet oven i hinanden.

26.4.1824 [+]

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Dateringen fremgår af brevet.

Bertel Thorvaldsen [+]

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Udskrift: Italy / Le Monsieur / Monsieur le Chevalier Thorwaldsen / à Rome.


John Russell thanks Thorvaldsen for his help with the restoration of some antiques which his brother William Russell bought for him in Rome. He also mentions that he has sent a book with engravings and descriptions of the Woburn Abbey Marbles and hopes that he will soon be able to send him a supplementary volume.

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Woburn Abbey.
April 26th. 1824.

My Brother, Lord William Russell, informs me of your kind attentions in superintending the restoration of some Antiquities Which he has purchased for me at Rome, & I request you will accept my sincere thanks for this mark of yr. kindness. – I trust you shal not fail to recieve a Copy of the Outline Engravings, & Description of my Marbles, which I sent to you last year, & I am in hopes that it will not be long, before I am enabled to send you a Supplement of this Work, which I flatter myself may merit yr. attention. – It will afford all your friends much pleasure to see you in England, & to show you everything worth yr. notice in this country.

I remain Sir,
with perfect esteem
Yr. faithful & obedient Servant

Archival Reference
m9 1824, nr. 34
Gifts for Thorvaldsen, Books · Russell's Commission 1815 · Thorvaldsen as a Restorer
William Russell
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