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Charles Benet Drake Garrard [+]

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Rødt laksegl med blomsterpræg.
Poststemplet: PONT / BEAUVOISIN F 30 / [X] 8 1; rundt stempel: CORRIS[PZA ESTERNA resten af dette stempel er ulæseligt] samt endelig 4 DECEMBRE.

15.11.1830 [+]

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Dateringen fremgår af brevet.

Bertel Thorvaldsen [+]

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Udskrift: a / Signor Thorwaldson / Rome / In Italie


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59. Montagu Square


Will you have the goodness to inform me, whether the Monument which I ordered two years since is completed. Should it be so, I wish it to be forwarded to England, & am ready to pay the
price immediately if you will have the goodness to inform me in what manner you wish to have the money forwarded; I hope you will do me the favor to let me hear from you directing to me at 59 Montagu Square London. I am Sir

Your obedient Servant
Chas. Benet Drake Garrard

November 15th.


[På udskriftsiden formentlig med Thorvaldsens hånd:]

al Colonette
Piazza Bar[berini]

Archival Reference
m15 1830, nr. 151
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