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Comment on 25.2.1804

I.e. the Danish author Friederike Brun. It is not known what this unfinished sentence refers to, but Thorvaldsen may have talked to Friederike Brun about the possibility of her helping the sculptor’s poor parents in some way after her return to Denmark in 1803 after her travels abroad, which also took her to Rome.
It is also possible that Thorvaldsen had got the impression from Brun that she was interested in acquiring some of the busts that had been sent to Denmark. He may have thought that he had secured an income from her.
A letter of 15.12.1803 from Countess Schimmelmann, quoted in a letter of 21.1.1804 from her brother Herman Schubart to Thorvaldsen, shows that the busts were for sale and shown to prospective buyers in Denmark.

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