The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 11.8.1804

In his letter dated 6.8.1804, Thorvaldsen had asked Lund to look after his studio and to ask the sculptor Camillo Landini to answer a letter, today unknown, from Thorvaldsen, and ask him how far he had progressed with Count Adam Gottlob Detlef Moltke’s bust, A212, (see the list of Letters Lost). Finally, Thorvaldsen asked Lund to see how far the sculptor Peter Kauffmann had got with his copy of an antique bust of Homer. Below, Lund gives an account of all the tasks he had been given. See the related article about Thorvaldsens Workshop Practice for more about the distribution of work in Thorvaldsen’ workshops.

Last updated 20.11.2017